From rooftop lounges to underground clubs, nightlife connoisseur Jacob Zucker tells you exactly where to mix and mingle, and excels in showing you the best nightlife New York City has to offer.

It is, after all, his livelihood to keep his finger on the pulse of the City’s top luxury for his clients. It’s what sets him apart from the far too many pretend “insiders” roving the city that are constantly trying to compete with Jacob’s expertise, relationships, and passion for only the best of New York City Luxury.

We were happy that we finally caught up with NYC’s renowned Nightlife Specialist to talk clubs, bars, and all things New York City.

LP: Give a brief intro to yourself.
I grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and went to Swarthmore College to study Political Science and Public Policy. Afterwards I attended Valparaiso University School of Law, but realized that law wasn’t the right fit for me. I modeled for a little bit and decided to pursue a career in the luxury sector. The luxury market to me is fascinating because of the ever-changing way society views luxury and what is to be highly coveted and desired. I also love how consumer tastes change over time and how certain items and trends make comebacks and revivals.

LP: Why do you have such a strong infatuation with this city?
Only the hungry survive! I love the influx of culture and society, and not to mention, the trends are nonstop.

LP: What is the best part about being a nightlife specialist in NYC?
Going to club openings and being in the constant know of what is HOT in the city.

LP: If you went to the club/bar/lounge every day of the week, which ones would you go to on what day?
Monday: Catch Roof Mondays
Tuesday: Provocateur
Wednesday: Gilded Lily
Thursday: Paul’s Baby Grand
Friday: Up & Down or Westway
Saturday: Sonny’s Soda Shoppe
Sunday: Goldbar

LP: Are there any new nightlife hot spots that should be on our radar?
The Leonora. It’s a private lounge/VIP Club on 29th Street. In addition, Space Ibiza just opened NYC in Midtown West. Definitely put this on your radar if you are into big DJs and talent.

I always end up going to …
Paul’s Baby Grand every Thursday or Friday.

My favorite nights are…
Tuesday and Thursdays – always have the best crowds!

My favorite place to spend time …
the gym.

You’ll usually find me …
laying out on my roof deck or shopping at Bergdorf’s

I never leave the apartment without…
my Gucci sunglasses.

I’m not a tourist, but I still …
go see the Christmas windows with my parents every year.

When it comes to NYC I love …
the interesting, ever-changing diverse mix of people and the fashion.

It’s okay to do this alone …
Wander around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Especially in the rain.

My go-to hangover remedy is …
Roy Rogers Fried Chicken.

My favorite NYC Street is …
Riverside Drive.

One thing everyone needs to know about NYC …
It’s all about the hustle!

NYC’s best secret according to you …
The pop up parties and events that occur at the last minute and you can only get in by personally knowing someone like me … or unless you’re a Quintessentially Lifestyle member!

jacob-NYC-sqJacob Zucker is the featured Nightlife Specialist at Quintessentially Lifestyle, the Award Winning Lifestyle Management and Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services based in New York City with more than 60 offices worldwide. *