The greatest pleasure in enjoying the Yacht Life is the freedom.

The freedom to travel to exotic destinations uninterrupted, the freedom to be your own master, to experience new people and activities, and especially the freedom to enjoy gourmet culinary delights unrestrained.

That freedom also means detachment from the mainland. Ordinarily, this disconnect came at a price with regard to quality of breakfast, lunch and dinner supplies. Yacht provisions need to always be of the highest quality, because guests aboard a yacht expect (and deserve) nothing short of perfection.

In times past, this was the daily dilemma of the vessel’s Chef.

Not only was there the ever-present pressure to perfect the preparation of the meals that were required to match the taste and preferences of those on board, the chaotic scramble to get ashore to secure additional provisions no matter the challenge of availability, currency, and timeliness oft afflicted aspiring culinary geniuses with regular periods of alternating madness and stupefication.

gourmet-2Today this problem is solved by yacht provisioning companies that go out of their way to supply top quality yacht food to vessels around the world.

There is no need to venture onto the mainland for fine food, as instead gourmet yacht provisioning services can deliver it directly to the vessel wherever it may be internationally.

Indeed, the freedoms aboard a yacht should extend to your eating habits. Provisioners can provide the opportunity to dine on the regional delicacies depending on your location, or enjoy certain meals depending on the weather.

It is simply a matter of communicating preferences, as provisioners are only as successful as your delight.

We offer some proven suggestions for your consideration, as most provisioners consider these selections are “core” to the properly laden stores. Of course, you should let your own tastes guide you to enjoying the culinary creativity of your Chef as he strives to satisfy.

Of course, seafood is a great option.

It is light and delicate and the perfect compliment to any weather. Fresh from the morning of your delivery, there is a wide selection of fish, shellfish and lobsters to choose from and a variety of ways to serve it.

A dainty crab meat salad or delicious sushi assortment accompanied by bubbly champagne is well served at lunch while more experimental dishes such as a yellow fin tuna sashimi tartar with wasabi-apple vinaigrette make excellent starters for a dinner that includes a more meaty fish dish like a swordfish steak.

There are few greater luxuries than a high quality steak.

gourmet-food-yacht-4There’s just something special about enjoying a quality steak in the fresh ocean air.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be borne upon the sea from home. From the hearty Black Angus to the soft and juicy Wagyu and Siemmental, a wide range of cuts of meat can easily be served aboard a yacht to your liking. All meats are vacuum packed according to your chef’s requests for the tenderest dishes and the freshest tastes.

Fresh produce – especially fruits – are simply required staples.

Fresh groceries are no longer restricted to locally sourced selections, and can be easily delivered directly to your yacht – sourced worldwide. Fruit and vegetables and dairy produce can easily be stocked aboard, while frozen food and organic food can likewise be preserved and served to the highest standards. Imagine a creamy panna cotta with fresh berries or zesty cocktails made on site with a twist of lemon and lime.

Yacht suppliers at Gourmet Deliveries have earned a name for themselves in the yachting world for the quality of the fresh fruit and vegetables that they deliver to superyachts around the world. “The quality of our fruits and vegetables is, indeed, exceptional and you cannot find similar produce anywhere else, not even on the local markets in France,” says Gabi Gruber of Gourmet Deliveries.

Gourmet Deliveries was originally “Tina Prim” on the Cannes Market, a third generation of fruit and vegetable vendors and wholesalers in the South of France, specializing in top quality fruit and vegetables. The shop was situated close to the Old Port of Cannes, so it became renowned amongst the yachting clientele who appreciated the great service and produce. The demand for a larger service from an obviously dedicated and enthusiastic team gave birth to Gourmet Deliveries in 2007 which now delivers worldwide.

Provisioner Partnering

Most provisioners process orders within 24 hours and are also able to work with very short notice, even if delivering worldwide (as almost all do). Of course, prices and specialties vary, but there is a large selection of provisioners to partner with.

And, that is the Key: “partnering.”

Selecting a provisioner needs be a carefully considered decision, and there must be the commitment to maintain a real relationship to mutually be served if to be successful. Over time, there may be pricing adjustments and special offers specially tied to the preferences of the Owner and the abilities of the Chef that can prove to be financially fortuitous. And, having a reliable provider to make the Chef’s job seamlessly easier simply makes everyone’s voyages stressless.

You can always do an online Search for provisioners, but we’d like to suggest a proven few that merit your consideration:
1. Gourmet Delieveries (Nice, France)
2. The Grateful Palate (Ft. Lauderdale)
3. IDS Yacht Provisions (St. Maarten)
4. Yacht Chandlers (Florida, France, St. Maarten, St. Thomas)