Whiskey maker MACALLAN has tapped fashion photographer Mario Testino to collaborate on a limited edition single malt whiskey collector’s set.

Testino is the fifth photographer in Macallan’s ‘Master of Photography’ series, which has tapped some of the biggest names in photography, this time to help interpret the concept of ‘Six Pillars,’ a set of characteristics that define the brand.

Testino chose to personify concepts like ‘spiritual home’ and ‘exceptional oak casks’ through a cast of six distinct and stylized characters (i.e., models) captured amid a group of revelers at a former Chinese palace.

The photo shoot took place near the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

The limited edition set — only 1,000 have been created — comes with a 750ml bottle of single malt scotch whiskey, a Testino print and a book of 20 photos from Beijing.

Inside the glossy black case also sits a collection of six mini bottles hidden in a secret compartment and released by the press of a button.

The individual whiskies make up the limited edition whiskey, all a combination of Spanish and American 100 percent sherry-seasoned oak butts and puncheon casks.

Testino follows on the heels of Elliott Erwitt, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson and Rankin in lending his artistic eye to the Macallan brand.

The Mario Testino Edition retails for $3,500 according to the website.