The Samsung Gear-S "Strap" Designed By Swarovski

The Samsung Gear-S “Strap” Designed By Swarovski

Samsung teamed up with Swarovski to breathe new life and elegance into its product lineup earlier this year to wild acclaim, and offers something special just in time for Christmas. The latest rollout is the wearable Tech, the “Gear S Smartwatch,” and its first official accessory – the Swarovski designed “Gear S Strap.”

The strap is meant to accentuate the Smartwatch’s fashion credentials and is adorned in crystals using Swarovski’s newly developed ‘Crystal Fine Mesh’ technique that makes crystals appear to be integrated into a fabric.

According to Samsung, the strap is a way of helping consumers to personalize their devices to reflect their personality. The Wearable Tech category has proven to be a blockbuster for manufacturers seeking to stay directly engaged with their loyal markets, and Personal Luxury always has historically been one of the most versatile add-on’s (re: Paris Hilton’s jewel-encrusted Sidekick). Thus, Swarovski’s strategic partnership with Samsung.

A range of ‘Swarovski for Samsung’ accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet also recently went on sale just in time for Christmas, joining Swarovski bedazzled versions of the S3, S4, and S5 phones.

However, there’s been no word on whether these optional devices are available exclusively at Swarovski’s flagship Manhattan store (as was the GalaxyIII case) or also Samsung direct.

swarovski-crystal-samsung-galaxy-note-3-covers-600x506Swarovski crystal-encrusted Galaxy Note III cases made their debut at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. The Covers, complete with matching bracelets were available for a limited time exclusively at Swarovski’s flagship Manhattan store in three colors (Jet Black; Crystal Metallic Silver; and Crystal Metallic Blue with a gold blend) sold for $300 each.