No Matter Your Taste, There's Something Special About The 2014 Caviar Season For Everyone

No Matter Your Taste, There’s Something Special About The 2014 Caviar Season For Everyone

It’s a very good time of year to be a Caviar Connoisseur of any degree, as the 2014 Season brings a myriad of eclectic tastes and reduced pricing overall.

Alexandre Petrossian of the New York-based caviar company says his Special Reserve Ossetra this season has a flavor, egg size, and all-around quality that he hasn’t seen in about 20 years — only two kilos remain of the three that were recently harvested in China and it’s selling fast for $251 an ounce. We tasted the caviar and found it to be gorgeous, fat and sweet, with a delicate, almost miso-like flavor.

Here’s what else to look out for right now, from smoked Midwestern trout roe to American farmed ossetra ….

caviar-season-2Malossol Golden
Tsar Nicoulai farms sturgeon in the U.S. to produce this exquisitely lush, nutty caviar. The gigantic beads are pale green and yellow, with a soft burst of umami.
($300 per ounce;

caviar-season-3Arctic Char
A little intense on its own, this hickory-smoked, sake-cured char roe is absolutely fantastic on crème fraîche-loaded latkes, halved boiled potatoes with fresh herbs, or butter-dressed spaghetti.
($48 for 4 ounces;

caviar-season-4Malossol Reserve
California-based Tsar Nicoulai’s creamy Reserve line had a gorgeous green sheen (which reminded us of puy lentils) and a long sweet finish.
($125 per ounce;

caviar-season-5Alverta President
Petrossian’s exclusively sourced President labeled caviar is a beautiful, buttery Alverta caviar farmed in California that delivers a complex, impossibly meaty flavor. Even the new caviar enthusiast will enjoy this treat.
($125 per ounce;

caviar-season-6American Ossetra
From Catsmo, a smokehouse in the Catskills that packs (un-smoked) caviar for Solex, these juicy, sparkling beads come in a chic black and gold tin. The flavors are mild and delicately nutty, and the texture ever so slightly firm.
($110 per ounce;

Steven Stallard’s trout roe from the Midwest is affordable and has a sweet, fishy pop, like a big wet kiss from a mermaid. Just one tin on the table can make it feel like a party! Load potato chips with crème fraîche and trout roe, then serve with Champagne.
($48 for 4 ounces;

caviar-season-8Kaluga (Huso Hybrid)
Petrossian harvests these pale, juicy beads from a hybrid species of Japanese sturgeon and the giant Kaluga (a fish that can reach over 2,000 pounds). It’s excellent, not too salty, but bursting with a velvety, intense oceanic essence.
($251 per ounce;

caviar-season-9Ossetra President
This farmed, imported ossetra is very rich and creamy, just the thing if you want to do the whole caviar thing with the old-school accoutrements of blinis and sour cream. Just don’t forget nothing beats eating it plain, right off the spoon (mother-of-pearl, ideally).
($251 per ounce;

caviar-season-10A Rare Delicacy…
A note: Wild sturgeon roe continues to be sold, often illegally on the black market, but keep in mind many breeds of this fish are almost at the point of extinction. So, wild sturgeon need their eggs more than you do. Farmed sturgeon has not only caught up to meet international demand, from California to Devon, England, but the products can be excellent. If you’re still mourning the old days of wild caviar, get it together. Then order an ounce of Tsar Nicoulai’s Golden Reserve.

We all know your choice of utensils will utterly overpower the nuances of fine caviar tasting, so just a reminder to use non-metallic spoons (including silver, gold, or plated with either metal) and use organic materials first, such as carved non-endangered shell such as the Mother of Pearl harvested from Conch as we used for this photographs in this article. You can source the very same Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Spoons provided to us by Dean & Deluca both conveniently and affordably online.
($65 for pack of six,

Photos:Jeremy Allen|Bloomberg